TDM Studio

Publisher’s note: Researchers need to create accounts to preserve their individual datasets. Enter your UP Mail (ending in and select UP Diliman in the university or institutional email address prompt.

TDM Studio is a text and data mining solution by ProQuest. TDM Studio provides access to millions of rights-cleared publications to enable timely interrogation using text analysis and visualization tools. With exclusive access to news, dissertations, and primary sources in a consistent XML format, text and data mining can unearth ground-breaking insights for more researchers.

  • Access – Extract new value from the library’s ProQuest collections by accessing exclusive content like dissertations, news, and more via TDM Studio. All text and data mining rights are cleared for immediate access.
  • Target – Quickly curate content sets of millions of records. Refine and target to your research interest, eliminating the need to process unrelated documents.
  • Interrogate – Easily interrogate multiple content sources with a consistent XML structure. In TDM Studio researchers have the flexibility with Python and R to analyze and extract data in alignment with their workflow.

Workbench Dashboard allows users to find content and write code to analyze.

  • Requires basic coding in Python or R and text analysis
  • Provides options to select content and create datasets
  • Offers Jupyter Notebook coding platform

Visualization Dashboard allows users to find content and use data visualizations to analyze without coding.

  • Requires no coding experience
  • Provides the ability to select content specific to your project
  • Offers pre-configured data visualization to perform analysis

TDM Studio resources

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» Access: Account creation required to generate datasets, see instructions at the top of the page.
Expiry: 22 June 2023