Brief History

Every University Librarian since the University Library was established in 1922 has grappled with four basic concerns: the book fund, staff development, library services and information technology.

Mary Polk (1922-1924) from Indiana, USA, was the teacher of several heads of Philippine government libraries.

Gabriel A. Bernardo (1924-1957) built the Library in Padre Faura, giving it the reputation of being the best in Asia before the War. He rehabilitated and rebuilt the Library in Diliman after the War.

Marina G. Dayrit (1963-1981) systematized library services and the staff training, beefed up the library collection through Ford Foundation grants, developed the Filipiniana Special Collections and Archives, initiated microfilming and computerization.  Atty. Myrna S. Feliciano, College of Law Librarian, was officer-in-charge from 1981 until 1984.

Filomena M. Tann (1984-1986) decentralized acquisition and cataloging processes in accordance with revised policies and reorganization of the University Library System as approved by the Board of Regents.

Belen B. Angeles (1987-1999) obtained a Ford-Mellon grant to develop the humanities, social sciences and general science collections and to purchase license to use CDS/ISIS. She opened Media Services, converted the Filipiniana Collection to machine-readable form, opened the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), CD-ROM and INTERNET services.

Salvacion M. Arlante (1999-2012) launched the University Library Web site; purchased the integrated library system MAELISA; pursued and implemented the in-house developed Integrated Library System (iLib); adopted the policy of access versus holdings; promoted the welfare of the Research, Extension and Professional Staff; and is exploring alternative information technologies.

Rodolfo Y. Tarlit (2012-2014)

Chito N. Angeles (2014-2020)

Elvira B. Lapuz (2020-present)