Revised Policy on Access to Theses and Dissertations (2017)

1. Mandate

This policy is rooted in the principles of Republic Act 10055, also known as the Technology Transfer Act of 2009, and the Revised Intellectual Property (IP) Policy of the UP System (2011).

RA 10055 recognizes that “science, technology and innovation are essential for national development and progress”, that it will “give priority to research and development, invention, innovation and their utilization” and shall therefore “establish the means to ensure greater public access to technologies and knowledge generated from government-funded R&D while enabling, where appropriate, the management and protection of related intellectual property.”

Copyright and Intellectual Property of research outputs of the University are further protected under the Revised IP Policy which underscores “the traditional academic practice of treating faculty members [researchers, students, staff and visiting professors] as owners of inventions, works and other intellectual creations they produce…”

The University is therefore committed to share knowledge and research for the benefit of the country while protecting the intellectual property of the University’s creators.

2. Scope

This policy covers theses and dissertations submitted to the University Archives and College Libraries of the University classified as F (Free/Open Access) under the OVCRD Memoradum No. FRN 15-038 and not considered I (Invention), P (Publication), or C (Confidential Information) under the OVCRD Memorandum No. BMP 12-011.

3. Copyright Policy

The University subscribes and upholds the governing Intellectual Property laws of the Philippines and existing policies of the University. Copyright/Intellectual Property remain with the authors, unless otherwise stated.

Permission to quote is freely given with proper citation. Permission to publish is subject to approval by the copyright owner and/or by the University and must be requested before actual publication.          

Permission is granted for one-time use only.

4. Access and Use

Access and use of theses and dissertations are subject to existing University Library Policy on Library Users.  

The following members of the UP System may use the library resources subject to the rules and regulations governing their use:

  • All bona fide students, faculty and employees, members of the Board of Regents and officials of the University
  • Retired faculty members specifically granted off-campus reading privileges by the Board of Regents
  • Visiting scholars with university appointments
  • Cross registrants from other colleges and universities, and special students

The following non-members of the University may use the library resources within library premises subject to the rules and regulations governing their use:

  • Alumni, former faculty members and students honorably discharged from the University
  • Graduate students from other schools
  • Government and private researchers

5. Duplication Policy

Duplication or replication in any form or format of theses and dissertations is allowable subject to the limitations of governing codes and legislation such as the Fair Use Doctrine, the Revised UP Intellectual Property Policy (2011), and other similar laws.

Duplication of theses and dissertations must be solely for academic and research use only; the University does not grant permission to reproduce or quote extensively for publication. It is the user’s responsibility to secure necessary permissions from the copyright owners, heirs or assigns and is advised to be aware of their responsibilities and applicable restrictions and sanctions for violations of such.

The University disclaims any responsibility for the extensive use, nor any damage incurred, stemming from the use, of the content in any of the theses and dissertations submitted, as is permissible by law.

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