Main Library

The Main Library, which is the seat of library administration, is situated at Gonzalez Hall in the middle of the Academic Oval. In the light of the reorganization of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs*, a new organizational structure has been adopted. There are four major divisions which covers the various functional sections:

  1. User Services Division, which lends books and provides reference, research and bibliographic services; undertakes user education programs;
  2. University Archives, which handles University records, UP publications, personal papers of prominent UP officials, alumni, faculty and staff, and maintains and preserve books, documents and archival materials;
  3. Technical Services Division, which formulates and implements standard acquisition and cataloging policies and procedures; and,
  4. Information Technology Division, which provides digitization services and develops and maintains Library software applications, information systems and the Main Library computer network.

The User Services Division consists of five (5) readers services sections: Information Services and Instruction**, Filipiniana Books, Serials***, Special Collections, and the Social Sciences and Philosophy Library. The University Archives has four (4) sections: University Records, UPiana, Personal Papers and Preservation Services. The Technical Services Division has two sections: Cataloging and Metadata Services and Acquisitions. There are two sections under the Information Technology Division: Digitization Services and Information Systems and Network.

The Deputy University Librarian, a new assignment, was formed to assist the University Librarian in the management of the operations of the Library on a day-to-day basis, and assume overall responsibility for the University Library in the absence of the University Librarian. Under the Deputy University Librarian are two sections: Administrative Services, which provides support to the functional sections/units of the Library; and, Strategic Communication, Research and Marketing Section to facilitate efficient internal and external communication; marketing of library collections and services, and, research and publication for the enhancement of Library service.

Bulk of the library collection in the social sciences, standard reference sources, local and foreign serials, UPiana and other special collections are found in the Main Library.

The Library’s print and non-book collection is complemented and updated by an extensive and multidisciplinary state-of-the-art electronic (CD-ROMs and online) databases which are accessible throughout the UP System. In the Main Library alone, there are OPAC terminals in the lobby and service sections. and over 40 Internet browsers in the Information Services and Instruction Section. These facilities are made available to library users from 8:00 AM to 12 midnight on weekdays and from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays during regular semesters. Several computers are also provided in the other sections for library clients and staff use as well.

To safeguard and at the same time facilitate the circulation of library materials, a library security system with its prerequisite barcodes, barcode reader, magnetic strips, sensitizer-desensitizers and a closed circuit television were installed in the Main Library and other college/unit libraries.

*Executive Order No. PAEP 16-02
**Formerly General Reference Section, merged with Media Services Section.
***Merged Filipiniana Serials, Foreign Serials and Bibliography and Indexing Sections.