Mandate and Functions

The University Library Diliman encompasses one Main Library and 29 College/Unit Libraries. It is mandated to be the information resource center of excellence in the social, natural, and applied sciences, as well as in the humanities. It envisions global information exchange throughout the UP Library System. It strives for full automation, a world-class collection and a staff of thoroughly modern information professionals.

The University Library was officially established by the Board of Regents in 1922, fourteen years after the founding of the University of the Philippines in 1908. The University Library, which was at the same time designated as the Department of Library Science was placed on equal level with other departments of instruction for the services of all colleges of the university1. Between the years 1908 to 1922, University constituents made use of small libraries in the various units and colleges of the university and government libraries in Manila for their research and information needs.

The library collections of the University Library have been developed in aid of teaching, research and extension work in the disciplines designated to Diliman. Topping the list of choice collections in UP Diliman are the Filipiniana Collections, which come in print, non-print and digital forms.

The University Library Diliman shall have the following functions2,3:

  1. Learning Spaces: provide open, accessible, and engaging spaces, both physical and virtual, to support individual and collaborative learning and creative and critical thinking;
  2. Information Literacy: enhance information literacy and research skills through library instruction programs;
  3. Information Resources: collect, organize, and provide access to information resources in support of teaching, research and creative work, and extension work;
  4. Information Technology: modernize library functions and services, with particular emphasis on new information technologies; and
  5. Archives: ensure protection and longevity of the University Library’s resources — digital, analog, and print — through effective archiving and digitization programs.

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2 Sec. 9, Executive Order No. PAEP 16-02 by Alfredo E. Pascual, President, University of the Philippines
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