Reference Privacy Notice

The UP Diliman University Library is committed to protecting the privacy of users of our collections and services.

The Ask a Librarian services will require user’s to give personal information such as full name, year level, organization and email address during the chat. We need a name, email address and UP affiliation to properly answer user’s question and send them a response.

A log of each chat session will be kept by our Library server. This information will be used to analyze the number and types of questions we are being asked. If used for our Query Knowledgebase, all identifying information will be removed from the questions and answers.

This will also help us determine appropriate staffing levels and aids in training librarians to effectively use the service.

Information collected is accessible only to reference librarians and those library staff members who are associated with the Ask a Librarian service. Individual chats are not shared with anyone outside of the UP Diliman University Library. We do not use information collected through chat or Instant Messaging for commercial purposes, including marketing. We value your privacy and would never resell any patron information.

The Ask a Librarian website uses Cookies to make navigating some of our services possible. Some pages may not function properly if the cookies are turned off. We do not use cookies to track your movement among different web sites and do not exchange cookies with other entities.

Statistics generated from chat logs, as well as excerpts, may be used for reports or publications. These statistics will be generated on a daily and monthly basis for evaluation and improvement of our Ask a Librarian service. However, information about specific individuals (e.g. IP address, E-Mail, names, phone numbers, etc.) that might be included as part of a chat transcript will never be shared outside of the UP Diliman University Library.

Any user that wants to have a record of the their chat deleted may email the to request the deletion of their chat transcript from the UP Diliman University Library database. Users will need to know the date and exact time their chat started, as well as their IP address in order to be sure the exact chat can be found. We will not guarantee that your request will be accomodated if you did not provide these details.

If we make changes to our privacy statement, we will indicate this on a news on the UP Diliman University Library website or UP Library Bulletin Online.