CAL Library Ebooks

From the College of Arts and Letters Library: These 74 perpetual ebooks can be accessed one user at a time through UPD OpenAthens account.

List of titles (74)

CAL-01ebA history of contemporary stage combat : 1969 – today
CAL-02ebA Practical handbook for the actor
CAL-03ebActing queer : gender dissidence and the subversion of realism
CAL-04ebActor training
CAL-05ebActs of dramaturgy : the Shakespeare trilogy
CAL-06ebAn actor prepares
CAL-07ebAn ethico-phenomenology of digital art practices
CAL-08ebApplied theatre : Women and the criminal justice system
CAL-09ebArabic shadow theatre, 1300-1900 : a handbook
CAL-10ebArt and dance in dialogue : body, space, object
CAL-11ebArtistic research in performance through collaboration
CAL-12ebArts-based research, resilience and well-being across the lifespan
CAL-13ebBrecht and the writer’s workshop : Fatzer and other dramatic projects
CAL-14ebBroadway musicals, show by show
CAL-15ebBuhol-buhol/entanglement : contemporary theatre in Metropolitan Manila
CAL-16ebBuilding a character
CAL-17ebContemporary African dance theatre : phenomenology, whiteness, and the gaze
CAL-18ebCreating verbatim theatre from oral histories
CAL-19ebDigital theatre : the making and meaning of live mediated performance, US & UK 1990-2020
CAL-20ebDrag histories, herstories and hairstories : drag in a changing scene. Volume 2
CAL-21ebEssential Guide to Stage Management, Lighting and Sound
CAL-22ebExperiential and performative anthropology in the classroom : engaging the legacy of Edith and Victor Turner
CAL-23ebIntermedial performance and politics in the public sphere
CAL-24ebIslam in performance : contemporary plays from South Asia
CAL-25ebLanguages of trauma : history, memory, and media
CAL-26ebMake your voice heard : an actor’s guide to increased dramatic range through vocal training
CAL-27ebManagement and the arts
CAL-28ebMapping global theatre histories
CAL-29ebMapping intermediality in performance
CAL-30ebMigration and stereotypes in performance and culture
CAL-31ebPerformance in a time of terror : five Sinhala plays from Sri Lanka
CAL-32ebPerformance, medicine and the human
CAL-33ebPerformance, subjectivity, cosmopolitanism
CAL-34ebPerformances of authorial presence and absence : the Author dies hard
CAL-35ebPerformances of suffering in Latin American migration : heroes, martyrs and saints
CAL-36ebPerforming ruins
CAL-37ebPerforming the Testimonial : Rethinking Verbatim Dramaturgies
CAL-38ebPerforming the unstageable : success, imagination, failure
CAL-39ebPerforming welfare : applied theatre, unemployment, and economies of participation
CAL-40ebPrismatic performances : queer South Africa and the fragmentation of the rainbow nation
CAL-41ebPrison theatre and the global crisis of incarceration
CAL-42ebPrivileged spectatorship : theatrical interventions in White supremacy
CAL-43ebQueering drag : redefining the discourse of gender-bending
CAL-44ebQuestors, jesters and renegades : the story of Britain’s amateur theatre
CAL-45ebRabindranath Tagore’s drama in the perspective of Indian Theatre
CAL-46ebRestaging feminisms
CAL-47ebRobert Lepage’s original stage productions : making theatre global
CAL-48ebShakespeare in the theatre : Yukio Ninagawa
CAL-49ebSite, Dance and Body : Movement, Materials and Corporeal Engagement
CAL-50ebSomatic voices in performance research and beyond
CAL-51ebSpeak with Distinction : The Classic Skinner Method to Speech on the Stage
CAL-52ebStage management theory as a guide to practice : cultivating a creative approach
CAL-53ebStaging cultural encounters : Algerian actors tour the United States
CAL-54ebStaging indigeneity : salvage tourism and the performance of Native American history
CAL-55ebStaging Postcommunism : Alternative Theatre in Eastern and Central Europe After 1989
CAL-56ebStaging violence : gender and social control in Jácaras and Entremeses
CAL-57ebThe applied theatre artist : responsivity and expertise in practice
CAL-58ebThe applied theatre reader
CAL-59ebThe Art of Active Dramaturgy : Transforming Critical Thought Into Dramatic Action
CAL-60ebThe curious incident of the dog in the night-time
CAL-61ebThe interdisciplinary theatre of Ping Chong : exploring curiosity and otherness on stage
CAL-62ebThe kinetics of the invisible : acting processes in Peter Brook’s theatre
CAL-63ebThe Palgrave handbook of the history of women on stage
CAL-64ebThe problems of viewing performance : epistemology and other minds
CAL-65ebThe process of dramaturgy : a handbook
CAL-66ebThe Routledge Circus Studies reader
CAL-67ebThe stage manager’s toolkit : templates and communication techniques to guide your theatre production from first meeting to final performance
CAL-68ebTheatre histories : an introduction
CAL-69ebTheatre history studies. Volume 38
CAL-70ebTheatre institutions in crisis : European perspectives
CAL-71ebTheatre pedagogy in the era of climate crisis
CAL-72ebTheatre Studies: The Basics
CAL-73ebTraumatic imprints : performance, art, literature and theoretical practice
CAL-74ebWorld political theatre and performance : theories, histories, practices