How to Access Microforms

Proceed to the Multimedia Services of the Main Library.

Step 1: Fill out the call slip. For newspapers, make sure to indicate the title, issue no., and date while for rarebooks, make sure you have the correct call number.

Step 2: Go to the lending counter and ask for the correct microform. The assisting staff will provide you the microform as well as the card where the number of the appropriate reader you will be using is written.


  • When using the machine for the first time, the staff will assist you in loading the microform.
  • Microfilms come in two sizes, 16 mm and 35 mm. The microfiche on the other hand is a smaller flat version of the microfilm.
  • Facing the microfilm reader, you will see a switch. Turn the light on. Make sure to insert the end of the microfilm with the square hole on one side of the reader and roll the film into the other side until you reach the beginning of the page. You can then use the focus dial to adjust the resolution of the reader. You can also move the flat handle up, down, left and right to aid you in looking for the content you need.
  • If you are using the microfiche, you just need to insert the film on the flat surface and do the same process of reading as the microfilm.
  • If you find content that you would be needing later on, you can have them saved in a CD or printed. You may ask the staff for assistance.

As of June 2017 the Multimedia Services has been relocated to the Electronic Resources room of the Information Services and Instruction Section (ISaIS), located at the first floor of the Main Library.