How to Search ProQuest?

  1. Select and click on databases on your topic or click the “Continue” button. If you click on the “Continue” button, this will bring you to basic search menu
  2. Using BASIC SEARCH: you can search by keyword or phrase
    • Simply enter your keyword(s) in the search box
    • To search for a phrase of more than two words, use quotation marks
    • You may limit your search by database (single or multiple), date range, full-text documents only and scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed
    • Then, click the “Search” button. Search results page will appear on screen
    • Enter a word or phrase into the search field
    • If you are combining your search with additional search words:
    • Choose the operator (for example, AND or OR) you want to use
    • Add your search word to the search field next to the operator list
    • From the drop-down menu, select the field to search
    • Continue adding words as needed. If you want to add more terms, click Add a row
    • When you finish entering your terms, click the “Search” button