How to Search ScienceDirect?

  1. Select a search mode:
    • QUICK SEARCH – Enter search terms in one or more search boxes and click the “Search ScienceDirect” button
      • Click on the “Search” button on the top menu and then choose the type of source you want to search
      • Enter search term(s) in the box and select field(s) to search
      • Select an operator (AND, OR and AND NOT) to combine the search terms in different fields
      • Limit the search to particular document type(s), if desired. Specify a date range. Specify volume, issue and page numbers, if desired
      • Click the “Search” button to start searching
  2. Reviewing the documents
    • Click the “Show preview” link to preview the abstract
    • Click the PDF icon to display the full-text article
    • To download multiple articles, click the “Download multiple PDFs” icon
    • You may send the bibliographic records of the articles to your email by clicking the “e-mail articles” icon
    • To export citation of articles, click the “Export citations” icon
  3. Personalization
    • To create personal account, click the “Register” button. Personal account is limited to saving your search, creating journal alerts and saving search alerts. This is not your remote access account to download article.