Individual Listening and Viewing

Individual listening and viewing is available in the Multimedia Services area, Information Services and Instruction Section at the first floor.

Users can view the media collections consisting of audiovisual materials and microforms. These include —


  • Slide sets, mostly dealing with the humanities in foreign and local context
  • Sound recordings in cassette tapes and optical disc format for language studies, Filipino musical compositions, personality development, etc.
  • Video recordings in cassette tapes (VHS and BETA) and optical disc format, majority are of general interest and focuses on Philippine socio-political and cultural concerns

As of May 2018 you can now stream video from VHS players using a dedicated viewing station.


  • Microfilm – Filipiniana rare books, theses and dissertations, newspapers, periodicals and vernacular materials
  • Microfiche – Foreign publications, such as technical reports and journals, conference papers, university catalogs, theses and dissertations

At the individual listening and viewing area there are cubicles good for 1-2 people with viewing equipment such as televisions, headphones and projectors. Users are advised to seek assistance from the staff in operating the equipment if they are not sure how these work. 

For groups of 3 to less than 15, they can do group viewing on the larger TV next to the individual viewing area. For groups of 15 or more, they can make a reservation at the Audiovisual Room.

You can read more about the Media Services section via this library brochure.

As of June 2017 the Multimedia Services has been relocated to the Electronic Resources room of the Information Services and Instruction Section (ISaIS), located at the first floor of the Main Library.