Information and Referral

Information and referral is a service available at no charge, usually from a public library or other public service agency, providing contact information about other organizations, agencies, and individuals qualified to offer specific information and services, both free and fee-based, usually within the local community (ref: ODLIS).

In the context of the Main Library, we provide information and referral through the following frontline services.

  1. Information desk – located at the front desk of the Main Library lobby and always staffed by a College Librarian I (CL I) or higher appointment. The information desk is the frontline of the Main Library, they accept UP clients and visitors alike. They are knowledgeable with all services and facilities of the Main Library and can refer clients to the College/Unit libraries which are more suited for specialized research.
  2. Reference desk – located inside the Electronic Resources area of the Information Services and Instruction Section (ISaIS). The reference desk is staffed by a reference librarian and processes queries from UP students and faculty as well as outside researchers. Reference service may be done in-person, by phone, or over internet such as email or social media. Requests for remote access accounts and library orientation are accepted here. 

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