Instructions for Internet use card

1. All UP undergraduate students who are covered by the 2007 revised tuition and other fees will be allowed FREE USE of computers for Internet access for the first 20hrs (AO No. PERR 07-86, issued 17 Oct 2007). Beyond that they will be charged Php20 per hour or a fraction thereof.

2. To monitor the 20 hours free Internet access, college and unit libraries shall issue INTERNET USE CARD to all students who are covered by the 2007 revised tuition and other fees.

3. The card is non-transferable and if lost, free Internet access will be forfeited.

4. Write INTERNET USE CARD ISSUED in the Form-5 of the student with staff’s signature and date of issue.

5. For every Internet access transaction, staff shall record the date, time IN and OUT and balance plus his/her initial in the INTERNET USE CARD.

6. Actual time consumed shall be the basis for the remaining balance hours. For example, when the student consumed 1 hour and 15 minutes, write in the fourth column (Balance) 18:45, meaning he/she has a balance of 18 hours and 45 minutes.

7. All UP students will pay printing cost based on the existing rates.

8. Access or use of the CRS is FREE for ALL STUDENTS. No need to record in the INTERNET USE CARD.

9. All students enrolled prior to AY 2007-2008 will continue to pay the existing rates.