Plagiarism Checker

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Instruction Manuals for Turnitin

To view the manuals, please login with your UP Mail account (ending in

Turnitin-UVLE for instructors

Turnitin-UVLE for students

Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach

The UP System is now subscribed to Turnitin Draft Coach, please see the post below for details on how to access it using your UP Mail account.

Guidelines on the Use of Turnitin

Plagiarism: Signs and Consequences

Not citing your sources or not following the proper format for citation can be considered plagiarism.

This video shows the possible consequences for committing plagiarism.

Turnitin Resources for Faculty and Library Staff

Turnitin Academy:

Turning the Tide: A Faculty Orientation on Turnitin for Academic Integrity (01 December 2020)

Tune in to Turnitin:​ Ensuring Academic Integrity in the University (24 February 2021)