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The immunoassay handbook : theory and applications of ligand binding, ELISA, and related techniques
Bioconjugate techniques (Third edition)
Emery and Rimoin’s principles and practice of medical genetics
The dictionary of cell and molecular biology
Handbook of biologically active peptides (Second edition)
Nutrigenetics : applying the science of personal nutrition
Principles of cloning (Second Edition)
Bioenergetics (Fourth Edition)
Mechanisms of morphogenesis (Second Edition)
Synthetic biology : tools and applications
Bio-nanoimaging : protein misfolding & aggregation
The guide to investigation of mouse pregnancy
Proteomic and metabolomic approaches to biomarker discovery
Cancer genomics : from bench to personalized medicine
Transforming your STEM career through leadership and innovation: inspiration and strategies for women
Between the lines of genetic code: genetic interactions in understanding disease and complex phenotypes
Escherichia coli: pathotypes and principles of pathogenesis (Second Edition)
The biology and identification of the coccidia (apicomplexa) of rabbits of the world
Principles of tissue engineering (Fourth Edition)
Regenerative medicine applications in organ transplantation
Building the most complex structure on Earth: an epigenetic narrative of development and evolution of animals
Neural crest cells: evolution, development and disease
Mathematical models for society and biology (Second Edition)
Benign and pathological chromosomal imbalances : microscopic and submicroscopic copy number variations (CNVs) in genetics and counseling
Computational systems biology (Second edition)
Killing public higher education: the arms race for research prestige
Transport in biological media
Animal models for the study of human disease
Electrocardiography of laboratory animals
Interdisciplinary mentoring in science: strategies for success
Engineered biomimicry
Animal biotechnology : models in discovery and translation
Immune biology of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: models in discovery and translation
Principles of biomedical informatics (Second edition)
Therapeutic strategies in cancer biology and pathology
Managing and leading for science professionals : (What I wish I’d known when moving up the management ladder)
An introduction to biological membranes: from bilayers to rafts
Proteomic profiling and analytical chemistry: the crossroads
Adsorption by powders and porous solids: principles, methodology and applications (Second Edition)
Specification of drug substances and products : development and validation of analytical methods
Strategies and tactics in organic synthesis. Volume 11
Progress in heterocyclic chemistry. Volume 26
Introduction to biological and small molecule drug research and development: theory and case studies
Mathematics for physical chemistry (Fourth Edition)
Laboratory statistics : handbook of formulas and terms
Practical approaches to biological inorganic chemistry
Nanochemistry (Second edition)
Environmental forensics for persistent organic pollutants
Ideas of quantum chemistry (Second edition)
Chemometrics in food chemistry. Series: Data handling in science and technology. Volume 28
Characterization of semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures (Second edition)
Studies in natural products chemistry. Volume 39
Elementary molecular quantum mechanics : mathematical methods and applications (Second edition)