Rediscovering Your Library in the New Normal: Information Literacy Webinar Series for Students

Dates to remember: 20-30 October 2020

Join us this October in “Rediscovering Your Library in the New Normal”. This is our information literacy webinar series for UP students featuring the library’s various information sources and reference services to help students keep up with their class requirements and ensure that they are ready to transition to online learning.

The sessions are open to all currently enrolled students of constituent universities within the UP System. Choose your desired topic/s below and click on the schedule to register. There is no limit to the number of webinars you may attend. We hope to see you there!


Search, Discover, Create: An Introduction to the Library’s New Search Platforms

This year, the library introduces two new platforms to assist students and faculty alike in their research needs. One is the new and improved library website, and the other is the library’s new web-scale discovery service.

The new University Library website boasts a responsive design, more straightforward navigation, quick links to library databases and services, and an improved Ask-A-Librarian feature. TUKLAS, on the other hand,  is a platform that puts together all of the library’s existing local database sources of books and electronic information materials to offer an all-in-one search solution to users. This session will give a glimpse into the university’s new research platforms with its brand new features.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn about the library’s brand new website and its features such as new links, quick search, chat via Messenger
  • To learn about TUKLAS, the library’s discovery service platform
  • To be familiar with new and improved features such as:
    • Faceted browsing
    • Generating citations
    • Helpful searching tips/search operators

To be presented by John Christopherson Fredeluces
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Going Local: An Introduction to UP Diliman Local Digital Resources

When researching, a common problem among students is looking for local resources as it is easier to access foreign literature. Through this webinar, we will showcase the local digital resources available in UP Diliman.

Learning Objective:

  • To learn how to locate, search, and access locally managed digital resources in UP Diliman

To be presented by Kristine Joy C. Jaromamay
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Researching Remotely: Searching and Accessing UPD Library Resources Off-Campus

Now more than ever, we need a platform that will allow us to access online resources remotely, whenever, wherever. In the past, accessing online databases required individual usernames and passwords. Today, one only needs to visit a single website to access them all. This webinar will take you through the step-by-step process of accessing UPD electronic resources remotely via EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS) and EZProxy.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn to use  “Google-like” search strategies when looking for library resources
  • To learn the value of faceted browsing, relevance ranking, and limitation options
  • To learn how to secure a login account
  • To learn how to troubleshoot EZproxy errors

To be presented by Arthur Bryan C. Mariano
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

The Basics of Smart Research

Searching for the correct source/s need not be arduous. In this webinar, make searching effortless by learning how to employ smart search strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn how to identify key concepts or keywords in a search question
  • To be familiar with critical tools searching for resources

To be presented by A.B. Gideon N. De Castro
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Scholarly Resources at your Fingertips

Some researchers prefer one online database over another when doing research. Maximizing the use of online databases for a more comprehensive search is highly encouraged by the library. Students will be introduced to five commonly visited online databases in this webinar, namely—JSTOR, Project MUSE, Taylor and Francis, EBSCO Academic Search Complete, and ScienceDirect.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be familiar with the interface of various online databases
  • To learn about the features of online databases such as how to download full-text articles, generate citations, and save searches.
  • To learn how to access online databases off-campus.

To be presented by Michelle Ann G. Manalo
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Textbooks for Virtual Learning: An Introduction to the eBook Collection of the Library

Aside from electronic databases and journal articles, the library boasts an extensive collection of electronic books to which we have perpetual access. This webinar discovers the many ways to find and access thousands of UPD eBooks in various subject areas from different platforms.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn how to locate eBooks
  • To learn how to access eBooks on and off-campus
  • To learn how to read eBooks online and offline
  • To be familiar with the different features of eBooks

To be presented by Therghie I. Ablin
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Cite Right: Introduction to Proper Referencing in Research with Mendeley

The basic rule when citing sources is simple, “When in doubt, cite your sources.” However, to avoid overciting sources, researchers need to understand why, when, and what to cite. In this webinar, participants will be taught to use information ethically and learn to acknowledge sources properly.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn the importance of citation and referencing to research work
  • To learn what specific information must be cited in research
  • To learn about referencing guides and styles
  • To learn about free reference management software such as Mendeley

To be presented by Aiza May V. Palaya
College Librarian, University Library Diliman