6th AASDI General Assembly

Asosasyon ng Aklatan at Sinupan ng Diliman, Inc. (AASDI) is a non-profit professional organization whose mission is to foster knowledge and increase the capabilities of librarians and staff to meet users’ ever-changing information demands. Because organizations engage in numerous activities, regularly revisiting their goals and objectives to realign their members’ expectations, resources, and abilities is critical. This could be accomplished by holding a regular gathering or providing an avenue for people to raise issues, concerns, and long-term projects. Considering this, the AASDI held its 6th General Assembly online on January 31, 2022.

Outgoing AASDI President Rhoel E. Rondilla showcased the activities of the organization in the past year.

The General Assembly was led by outgoing AASDI President Rhoel E. Rondilla, who presented the initiatives under his leadership. The organization held webinar sessions throughout the pandemic to raise awareness about specific topics and address issues among libraries and information centers. Library and information professionals were invited to share their experiences, insights, and strategies, allowing them to implement long-term solutions. Prof. Dan Anthony Dorado of the UP School of Library and Information Studies (UP SLIS) and Director of the Diliman Learning Resource Center presented a webinar titled “Library Security: Protecting Electronic and Information Systems from Potential Risks or Threats.” A webinar session entitled Libraries’ Effective Response and Preparedness during a Pandemic was also delivered by Ms. Eimee Rhea Lagrama, Deputy University Librarian of UP Diliman, to ensure the continuation of library services to users. The webinar discussed the current trend of libraries and information centers providing access, promoting safety, and encouraging learning.

He also mentioned a project that aimed to digitize the personal papers of National Artists and Scientists from the University Archives collection, including Teodoro Agoncillo, Antonio Buenaventura (Music), and Lazaro Francisco (Literature), as well as Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero (Theater), Nick Joaquin (Literature), Jose Joya (Visual Arts), Antonio Molina (Music), and Guillermo Tolentino (Visual Arts). The project was finished and made possible by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) funds.

As an organization that strives to foster camaraderie among its members, it went above and beyond the typical promotion of library functions by encouraging members to share their interests and hobbies via the internet. Some members were involved in toy collecting, scale modeling, artisan coffee production, art collection, and various other activities. This demonstrates that librarians have the necessary skills and talent to provide timely information and a flair for entertaining activities. If you’re curious about our librarians’ abilities, you can quickly view them on AASDI’s Facebook Page.

Ms. Romena Vicente, Treasurer of AASDI, presented the fund balance statement to its members.

Ms. Romena Vicente presented the total available funds and expenditures incurred by the organization from its various engagements and responsibilities to ensure accountability and transparency within the organization. Aside from the agenda items listed above, the General Assembly included the induction of new board members, which was led by outgoing AASDI President Rhoel E. Rondilla and Ms. Elvira B. Lapuz, University Librarian and AASDI Adviser.