Bloomsbury Digital Resources

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Bloomsbury Digital Resources is focused on providing essential and cutting edge scholarly content in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Topics include (URLs below, see database button for username and password) –

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts
Bloomsbury Architecture Library
Bloomsbury Cultural History
Bloomsbury Design Library
Bloomsbury Philosophy Library
Bloomsbury Fashion Central
Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive
Bloomsbury Food Library
Bloomsbury Medieval Studies
Bloomsbury Popular Music
Churchill Archive
Drama Online
Fairchild Books Interior Design  Library
Human Kinetics Library (full platform)
Screen Studies (full platform)
Theology and Religion Online

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BioOne Complete

BioOne Complete is a database of more than 200 subscribed and open-access titles in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. The flagship product of the nonprofit publisher BioOne, BioOne Complete provides libraries with cost-effective access to high-quality, curated research and independent society publishers with a dynamic, community-based platform and global distribution. BioOne Complete’s unique business model reinvests precious library funds in scientific communication, with over $45M returned to participating publishers to date.

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Annual Reviews

Founded in 1932, Annual Reviews provides researchers, professors, and scientific professionals with a definitive academic resource in more than 45 scientific disciplines. Annual Reviews publications are among the highest cited publications by impact factor according to the Journal Citation Reports® published by Thomson Reuters.

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BCC Research

​BCC Research has produced reliable market research reports and forecasts for more than 50 years. Founded in 1971 as Business Communications Company (BCC) Inc. by Louis Naturman, quickly proved itself as a leading market information resource, directed by analysts and editors with verified industry experience. Today, BCC Research publishes reports in 25 distinct verticals and provides even more intel through partnerships with other market research providers.

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Artfilms University Collection

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Contemporary Arts Media / Artfilms offer more than 5000 films for arts education and arts practitioners. The unique collection originates from Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa and Japan. Artfilms is associated with independent artists and film producers, leading contemporary theatre and dance companies, researchers, lecturers, university departments, contemporary art galleries and archives across the world.

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Dayrit-Galang House Declared City Heritage

What is it like to grow up in a house together with the most talented intellectuals in their respective fields? 🎓 Visit the ancestral Dayrit-Galang House at the City of San Fernando in Pampanga, which was declared a structure of historical significance with the unveiling of a heritage marker on 28 May 2021.

Three notable members of the Dayrit-Galang family lived in this humble abode: Armando G. Dayrit, journalist for the Tribune newspaper; Fernando G. Dayrit, curator at the National Museum; and Marina G. Dayrit, University Librarian of the University of the Philippines.

Oxford Journal Collection

The 2021 Oxford Journals Collection features 368 prestigious, highly cited, and authoritative journals published in collaboration with many of the world’s most influential scholarly and professional societies. Current subscriptions include access from the latest content back to 1996.

The 2021 Collection includes highly influential journals across six subject collections: Medicine, Life Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics & Physical Sciences, and Law.

  • Highlights of the Oxford Journals Collection 2021:
  • Fourteen journals added, covering fields such as aesthetics, surgery, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genetics, plant sciences, and more.
  • More than 75% of journals with an Impact Factor are ranked in the top 50% of at least one category in the 2019 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2020)
  • Six journals are ranked first in at least one category
  • Nobel Laureates published in all six subject collections
  • More than 230 million downloads in 2019

Expiry: 16 August 2021
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World Dissertation Library

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New Academic World Dissertation Library (WDL) is a high-quality scholar database specialized in dissertations, thesis, and academic papers. The WDL collection includes contents from more than 2,000 educational institutions all over the planet, from more than 150 countries and regions. Focusing on world’s top 100 universities and colleges, the coverage rate of international key institutions has exceeded 95%. We are dedicated to provide the best information service to educators, teachers, researchers and students in every major discipline, include but not limited to: science and technology, engineering sciences, agronomy, medicine and health, social sciences, economy, management science, and more.

Expiry: 31 August 2021
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J-Gate, an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature; is the most efficient comprehensive platform to access research information from over 55 Million journal articles (with access to 10 Million Full Text articles) coming from 49,000+ journals covering multiple subject domains from all disciplines such as; Agriculture & biological Sciences, Arts & humanities, Basic Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Social & Management Sciences. The J-Gate platform is fronted by a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface, and also gives users complete control over search filters. By allowing users to access content from a wide variety of publishers on a single platform, J-Gate exponentially increases journal usage.

Expiry: 31 August 2021
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