100 Taon, Daan-daang Kuwento: UP Library Centennial Digital Archive

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As the UP Library looks forward to celebrating its centennial in 2022, we want to hear your memorable stories about this 100-year old institution: happy, sad, poignant, heartwarming, even scary! This project aims to collect narratives from the UP community (and even beyond) painting the multiple facets and roles that the University Library and/or the various college libraries have played throughout its 100 years. The accounts we want to hear from you is sure to cut across eras, campuses, and generations: from the pre-war UP in Manila, 1950s bucolic Diliman, heady 80s in UPLB, optimistic 2000s in UP Cebu, and of course, the present.

The accounts, which may be submitted online, sent via email at librarycentennial@up.edu.ph, or post, will form a mass of stories which will be archived and made available to the public. These stories will reflect the various ways that the UP Library is indelibly woven in the fabric of the community.