Getting Acquainted: Webinar Series on the Library’s Online Resources and Services for UP Faculty


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Save the dates: 23-27 August 2021

As the new academic year begins, the Information Services and Instruction Section of the University Library is organizing a webinar series as a refresher for the latest resources first introduced in February 2021 to our faculty and staff. These subscriptions are accessible throughout the UP System. Additionally, a handful of new databases/tools have been added since that time.  Each online database shall be discussed comprehensively by invited experts focusing on accessibility and ease of use. There will also be demonstrations of these new resources. An open forum to accommodate questions and concerns regarding using these resources shall immediately follow each presentation.

General Objectives: This webinar aims to (1) walk faculty members through the library’s various new online information sources, both local and international, and how to access them remotely, and (2) provide a venue for them to ask questions and get hands-on experience in navigating new online resources.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this webinar series, faculty members will be able to (1) demonstrate how to access and use online resources/tools (2) maximize the use of our online resources for their teaching and research and (3) help faculty members in properly using resources for  their course packs, syllabi and other teaching aids/reference materials.

The sessions are open to all active members of the faculty, REPS and administrative staff of constituent universities within the UP System. Choose your desired topic/s below and click on the schedule to register. Use your UP Mail ( when registering. There is no limit to the number of webinars you may attend.

See you there!


Getting Acquainted: An Introduction to the Library’s Services /
OpenAthens: Your One-stop Site for Online Database Access 

Getting Acquainted: An Introduction to the Library’s Services
9:00-10:30 AM

This opening session will provide an overview of all the current resources and services of the University.

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Enumerate the various services of the University Library
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of library resources
  • Know where to get assistance in accessing online resources

To be presented by Ms. Aiza May V. Palaya
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

OpenAthens: Your One-stop Site for Online Database Access
10:30-11:30 AM

OpenAthens is an advanced access management system that delivers all your library’s resources to your users by only having them sign in via a single login (Lifted from the OpenAthens Official Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Enumerate the prerequisites of remote access through OpenAthens,
  • Demonstrate at least one way of logging into OpenAthens
  • Determine how to get assistance in troubleshooting access through OpenAthens

To be presented by Mr. John Christopherson Fredeluces
College Librarian, University Library Diliman

Productive Research with ProQuest

ProQuest’s collections span six centuries, all disciplines and the diverse content types needed by researchers, providing the world’s most extensive collection of dissertations and theses; three centuries of newspapers; more than 450,000 academic ebooks; collections of important scholarly journals and other content researchers need such as data; and unique digital vaults of primary source materials. ProQuest’s renowned abstracting and indexing enables researchers to find sources in their area of study (Lifted from ProQuest Official Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the use of varied content type
  • Utilize one search for a unified experience 
  • Apply effective best practices to discover the relevant content 
  • Evaluate, curate, organize and share their information
  • Manage My Research account

To be presented by Ms. Kurinji Malar Kaliappan
Customer Experience Training and Consulting Partner, ProQuest Information and Learning

Empowering Knowledge with Elsevier Tools

Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science, and improve performance for humanity’s benefit. This webinar will tackle the following Elsevier Tools/Resources:

  • ScienceDirect
  • Scival
  • Scopus
  • Mendeley

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Best practices in utilizing Elsevier’s tools to support their research process; 
  • Analyzing research data, trends, and potential.
  • Searching for high-quality research articles and managing references.

To be presented by Mr. Johan Jang, Customer Consultant;
and Mr. Alexander van Servellen, Senior Consultant, Research Intelligence
Elsevier Southeast Asia

Engaging Research with Emerald Premier E-Journal

Premier E-Journal is Emerald’s most complete eJournal collection, offering the full extent of their journal portfolios with content covering over 120 years.

At the end of the webinar, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge of quality high-impact research through rigorous editorial curation.
  • Be familiar with peer-reviewed content, which ensures the highest possible quality of information resources.
  • Learn how to measure the academic impact of research.

To be presented by Ms. Sarah Diane Enriquez
Solutions Specialist, CE Logic

Tune in to Turnitin: Ensuring Academic Integrity in the University

Turnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, deter plagiarism, and improve student outcomes.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Log in to the Turnitin website.
  • Gain knowledge on how to access Turnitin either as an administrator, instructor, or student role.
  • Create a class and assignment for students.
  • Submit and navigate submissions.
  • View and understand similarity reports and feedback.

To be presented by Ms. Rose Crisostomo, Account Manager, Turnitin Philippines
and Yovita Marlina, Senior Growth Manager, Turnitin Indonesia

Everything You Need to Know About EBSCO Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete offers an enormous collection of full-text journals, providing access to critical information from many sources unique to this database. In addition, it includes peer-reviewed full text for STEM research and the social sciences and humanities. Scholarly content covers a broad range of important areas of academic study, including anthropology, engineering, law, sciences, and more (Lifted from EBSCO Official Website). 

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Successfully create basic and advanced searches within the EBSCOHost platform accessing content from Academic Search Complete. 
  • Effectively use the research tools (Print, Email, Cite, Permalink, Google Drive Integration, etc.) and access helpful resources available.

To be presented by Mr. Bonneth Siguisabal
Information Consultant, EBSCO International

Jumpstarting Your Research with JOVE Unlimited

JoVE Unlimited is a single license that encompasses all current and future JoVE video resources. JoVE publishes more than 1,200 videos annually across the 13 sections of the JoVE Video Journal. It launches new subject series and collections to the JoVE Science Education Library several times a year. JoVE Unlimited subscribers gain access to all new content as released (Lifted from JoVE Official Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will:

  • Be familiar with JoVE products and how to use them
  • Learn how to Set up a JoVE account for Remote Access
  • Learn how to integrate Videos into Courses
  • Learn how to publish with JoVE
  • Be familiar with JoVE Playlists and Syllabus Mapping Service
  • Learn how to embed videos into an LMS (Moodle & Canvas)

To be presented by Dr. Maaike Pols
Scientific Advisor, JoVE

Getting Started With Gale Reference Complete

Gale Reference Complete provides subscription access to the most extensive package of primary and secondary sources available to libraries today. Empowering users at all academic levels, from the undergraduate student to the experienced researcher, and covering nearly every research area and discipline, Gale Reference Complete offers high quality, authoritative and unique content at an affordable price to suit the needs of the academic library budget (Lifted from the Gale Reference Complete Official Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Search from a multi-disciplinary resource
  • Sift through the wealth of information encompassing Gale Reference Complete

To be presented by Ms. Sarah Diane Enriquez
Solutions Specialist, CE Logic

SAGE Publishing: Your Gateway to World Class Research Sources (UP Diliman only)

SAGE produces high-quality educational resources that support educators and researchers of the future. They publish more than 1,000 journals and 900 new books annually (Lifted from the SAGE Publishing Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • User will learn how to effectively using SAGE resources to study and research
  • Using the tools in product to find relevant materials quickly

To be presented by Ms. Shirley Yap
Associate Regional Manager, Field Library Sales–Southeast Asia, SAGE Publishing

Transitioning to a New Normal in Education with JSTOR

JSTOR provides more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. It helps researchers explore a wide range of scholarly content through a robust research and teaching platform. It collaborates with the academic community to help libraries connect students and faculty to vital content while lowering costs and increasing shelf space, provide independent researchers with free and low-cost access to scholarship, and help publishers reach new audiences and preserve their content for future generations.

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Maximize the use of a wide range of scholarly content through a robust research and teaching platform of JSTOR 
  • Discover and connect research, images, and primary resources

To be presented by Ms. Sarah Diane Enriquez
Solutions Specialist, CE Logic

Teaching and Research with Taylor and Francis Online

Taylor & Francis Online brings together over 2,700 journals, including the world’s most extensive program of Social Science and Humanities journals published by Routledge; cutting-edge theoretical and applied Science, Technology and Medicine content from Taylor & Francis; and CogentOA, a suite of broad-spectrum open access journals. Journals on this platform support free access and more traditional subscription routes to publication (Lifted from the Taylor and Francis Group Official Website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Search across millions of articles on TFO
  • Learn about the functions and features of the Taylor & Francis Online platform, 
  • Search keywords efficiently, including search limiters and Boolean operators, as well as how to make use of TFO articles and journal homepages to understand more about your research results.

To be presented by Ms. Quinie Lim
Senior Marketing Executive, Taylor & Francis Group

CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art: A Comprehensive Source of Information on Philippine Art and Culture

The CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art has been updated and enlarged to include new and updated materials on Filipino artists, art, history, and aesthetics. This online edition of an essential compendium of data on Philippine art and culture for all generations enters the modern age conscious of a generation of content consumers who are quick to adopt technological advancements and possess the potential for a deep sense of empathy eagerness to reform the world.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the different sections of the Encyclopedia using the website’s features
  • Know where to get permission for sharing photos and videos

To be presented by Sharmaine Jo Regina S. Badong, Business Management and Development Lead;
and Elmer L. Gatchalian, Managing Editor
CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art Digital Edition

Cambridge Core: The Home of Academic Content

Formerly Cambridge University Press Journals Online, Cambridge Core features high-quality academic journals and a selection of reference works published by Cambridge University Press in all disciplines.

At the end of the webinar, participants will:

  • Get to know Cambridge Core, the home of academic resources from Cambridge University Press.
  • Learn how to access and download resources on campus and remotely.

To be presented by Ms. Caroline Kerbyson
Training and Systems Manager, Cambridge University Press

Philippine E-Journals: A Treasure Trove of Resources

The Philippine E-Journals (PEJ) is an online collection of academic publications from higher education institutions and professional organizations. Its sophisticated database allows users to quickly locate abstracts, full journal articles, and links to related research materials (Lifted from the PEJ website).

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Maximize the use of an online bibliographic database & repository of academic journals in different disciplines from various local resources

To be presented by Ms. Sarah Diane Enriquez
Solutions Specialist, CE Logic

Web of Science: Gateway to World Class Multidisciplinary Content

Web of Science serves as a portal that allows users to search multidisciplinary and regional citation indexes, specialty subject indexes, a patent family index, and a database of scientific data sets. The Web of Science provides a standard search language, navigation environment, and data structure that allows academics to search across many resources and navigate the index’s citation linkages. (Lifted from Clarivate)

In addition to the Web of Science, overview of the following tools will be provided:

  • Journal Citation Reports
  • InCites
  • Essential Science Indicators
  • Endnote

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Learn about Web of Science and the Journal Citation Reports and how to use them as part of one’s research work.
  • Learn to uncover novel research and key tips in building an attractive research topic.
  • Understand the responsible use of the Journal Impact Factor (JIF), JIF Quartiles, Journal Citation Indicators (JCI) and how they can be used to select the best fit journal for your manuscript.

To be presented by Dju-Lyn Chng
Regional Solution Consultant-Southeast Asia, Clarivate

Making the Most of CMOS 17 (Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed)

The Chicago Manual of Style’s tradition as an authority for generations of readers seeking answers to all things related not only to the written word but also to the multitude and adapting ways in which words and concepts are discussed continues with the 17th edition, which had been published in tandem with a perceptive and compelling redesign of CMOS Online. The CMOS online features and functions shall be briefly discussed in this webinar.

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Learn about CMOS and what’s new in the 17th Edition
  • Learn how to how to navigate CMOS Online and use some popular features
  • Learn how to cite many common resources, in both notes-bibliography style and author-date style

To be presented by Supakarn Kongsakorn Ms. (Ink)
Customer Service Representative, EBSCO International, Inc.

Advancing Discovery with Springer Nature

Springer Nature journals are an essential resource for researchers. As the leading publisher of the world’s most prestigious journals and a prominent voice in scholarly communications, Springer Nature serves as a trusted partner committed to providing the community with a diverse portfolio. We provide inventive and transparent solutions that promote the highest quality standards in research and advance accessibility and dissemination (Lifted from the SpringerNature Official Website)

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Navigate the SpringerLink platform
  • Generate usage, customize the platform by placing the institutions’ logos and other administrative functionalities (for administrators of the databases)

To be presented by Ms. Odessa Maceda
Licensing Manager, Philippines, Springer Nature

Learning with Labster

By offering virtual labs, which serve as learning environments that support students in conducting laboratory experiments online, they can investigate abstract concepts and challenge concepts without leaving their current location. 

At the end of the webinar, participants will learn to:

  • Learn how to use Labster, 
  • Become familiar with the product and simulations, 
  • Learn how to share simulations with the students and 
  • Receive results, understand theories, know how to use specific manuals to share with students and answer student questions.

To be presented by Emmanuel Winkler, Implementation Manager EU+, Labster Denmark
and Hashim Youshaa, Customer Success Manager, Labster