New Acquisitions

Here’s a list of newly-acquired resources at the UP Diliman Libraries:


Information Services and Instruction Section 
(formerly General Reference Section)

Filipiniana Books Section

Social Sciences Section, CSSP Library


Asian Institute of Tourism (March 2017)

Asian Institute of Tourism (November 2016)

Asian Institute of Tourism (March 2016)

College of Arts and Letters (October 2016)

College of Arts and Letters (June 2014)

College of Education Library (April 2021)

College of Education Library (whole year of 2020)

College of Education Library (January 2020)

College of Education Library (August 2019)

College of Education Library (April 2017)

College of Education Library (October 2016)

College of Education Library (May 2016)

College of Education Library (January 2016)

College of Education Library (March 2015)

College of Fine Arts Library (August 2018)

College of Home Economics (October 2019)

College of Home Economics (April 2019)

College of Home Economics (September 2018)

College of Home Economics (March 2017)

College of Home Economics (November 2016)

College of Home Economics (June 2016)

College of Home Economics (September 2015)

College of Home Economics (January 2016)

College of Mass Communication (Jan-Apr 2018)

College of Mass Communication (Jan-Mar 2017)

College of Mass Communication (Jan-Apr 2016)

College of Mass Communication (Oct-Dec 2015)

College of Mass Communication Library (May – August 2015)

College of Mass Communication Library (January – March 2015)

College of Music Library (September 2019)

College of Music Library (2018-2019)

College of Music Library (June 2021)

College of Social Work and Community Development (January – March 2017)

Marine Science Institute Library (April 2017)

School of Labor and Industrial Relations Library (November 2016)