The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is back!

Books and people – both have experienced a virtual set up. The Manila International Book Fair is back to its physical setup at the SMX Convention Center after 2 years of conducting virtual book fairs due to COVID-19 restrictions. MIBF is the largest and longest running book fair in the Philippines, featuring 200+ local and international exhibitors. The 43rd MIBF celebration was held from Thursday to Sunday, September 15-18, 2022.

View of one of the aisles inside the Manila International Book Fair 2022 at the 
SMX Convention Center.

A number of publishers joined the Manila International Book Fair 2022. With this, a wide selection of books are offered to the visitors. Aside from this, book launchings, author talks, and book signing events were also held at the book fair. It was a worthwhile experience for the library staff who went to the Manila International Book Fair 2022. It has been 2 years since we had a physical acquisition of books. Surprisingly, on the first day of MIBF, a number of readers flocked to the booths inside the convention center. With the advent of technology and its great contribution to society it sends an unimaginable thought of living without it. People fully embraced the digital world during the pandemic, from online classes to online shopping. It may be convenient to acquire eBooks but nothing beats the smell of new books. MIBF 2022 made it possible for two old friends that are separated due to the pandemic meet once again; readers and books. Book fairs dispel the idea that physical books will cease to exist. Book fairs makes it special and rewarding to those in the industry by serving as a perfect venue to discover new types of books that can not be found in classic bookstores, being a go-to place to communicate and engage to indie and international authors, and also by making it a place for visitors to learn, collaborate, and share ideas through seminars offered at the event.

UPD Librarians check out books inside two of the many booths of the Manila International Book Fair 2022 at the SM Convention Center in Pasay City on Friday, 16 September 2022.

As it returned to a physical format, representatives from the UP Diliman, both Main Library Sections and College/Unit Libraries, went to the MIBF for book acquisition. Just like in the previous years, the opening day is always the busiest. People braved the heat and patiently waited for their turn to enter the event. They explored around the exhibit area and selected books and other reference materials that will soon be accessible at their respective libraries. Boxes labeled with school names that contain an overwhelming number of titles, are found at almost every corner of the venue. Indeed, librarians play an important role when it comes to providing reliable and timely information for the library users. It is important that the information needs of the stakeholders of the community are the main priority of book acquisition. 

MIBF 2022 is just the beginning of what is yet to come in the book industry. This book fair brought together readers and authors who love books and literature in general. MIBF 2022 was definitely a hit to everyone who visited the event. The world has been a dark and bitter place over the past 2 years that led many people to find themselves in equally dark and bitter places. Finally living the dark past behind, through this book fair, people were able to find a place for hope and gain sparks to enjoy the world of fiction, creativity, and knowledge. The UPD Librarians are already looking forward to the next Manila International Book Fair with a longer list of books for acquisition.