University Archives and Records Depository

This official archival agency of UP established in 1974 and located in the Main Library, contains University records of permanent value and permanent papers of University administrators, faculty, and alumni. Foremost of these are the official records of the Board of Regents, Executive Committee, University Council, administrative officials of the University, individual records of Diliman colleges and units, official publications such as the UP Gazette, UP Newsletter, Philippine Collegian, reports of committees created by the University President and Board of Regents, memorabilia, plaques, trophies, pins, posters, photographs and theses and dissertations of the colleges.

On display at the Archives are contributions of the UP to the celebration of the Centennial of the Republic of the Philippines in 1989.

The Archives maintains computerized indexes to the Philippine Collegian, UP Gazette, and the Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Regents for easy retrieval by officials, students and researchers.

A Conservation Laboratory was set up in the Archives in 2000.

UARD Policy on Duplication of Materials

Readers are required to fill up a photo-duplication slip before having any materials from the UARD duplicated.  All materials from the UARD may not be taken out of the building.

The following materials can be duplicated only via the photocopying machine located within the University Library.  

  • Published Materials
  • Personal Papers
  • Maps and other cartographic materials
  • Rare Books and Rare Serials
  • Theses and Dissertations - only preliminary pages and bibliography can be duplicated.

Under exceptional circumstances, the UARD allows duplication of theses/dissertations, provided that the researcher secures a letter of consent (addressed to the University Librarian) from the authorof the thesis/dissertation that he/she wishes to be duplicated.  Should the author be deceased, prevailing University Policy on Intellectual Property will apply.

Please note that the UARD may refuse the duplication of such materials if

  1. It is detrimental to the physical condition of the book
  2. It violates the Intellectual Property Code of the University
  3. It violates the restrictions set by the donors
  4. Other reasons that the library deems


Publication and Citation

Researchers must obtain permission to publish copies of materials under copyright from the copyright owner.  If the copyright owner is the University Library, a letter must be sent ot the University Librarian requesting permission to publish.

Researchers must properly cite and acknowledge the copyright owner in the published material; title of the collection, adn the following lines (whichever is applicable)

  • [Title of material], [Name of Collection], University Archives and Records Depository, University of the Philippines Diliman"

E.g. Diary of Guillermo Tolentino, Guillermo Tolentino Papers, University Archives and Records Depository, University of the Philippines Diliman.


Revoking of Privileges

Researchers  must handle all materials properly and follow all library rules and regulations.

Library Privileges of researchers caught violating any of the regulations will be revoked.