2023 Freshie Orientation Program: Level UP Your Learning. Discover the Library.

As the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) welcomed its newest batch of Iskolar ng Bayan, the Freshie Orientation Program (FOP) 2023 served as a kickstart to the new Iskos’ academic journey. Held at the University Theater on September 8, 2023, this two-session orientation was attended by more than 3,000 freshmen students who were introduced to the various offices and services that UPD offers.

In line with the University Library’s (UL) continuous efforts in supporting instruction, research, and extension activities of UPD, the librarians are back with their interactive promotional booth, now entitled “Level UP Your Learning: Discover the Library.” The UL proudly maintains this tradition year after year with the goal of providing a glimpse of the resources, services, and upcoming events the library has in store for the UP community.

The librarians pose for a photo as they prepared the booth “Level UP Your Learning: Discover the Library” with Ms. Rizalyn V. Janio, Head Librarian of the Information Services and Instruction Section, Main Library.

Amidst the flurry of orientation activities, the library’s booth was abuzz with activity as it welcomed the newest batch of students to the campus. Eager to provide a fun and interactive experience for the freshies, the organizers prepared several games from which the students were able to receive prizes from the following partners: Cambridge University Press, Clarivate, Elsevier, SAGE Publishing, and Wiley. The game “Guess That Logo!”, which required students to correctly identify the online subscription based on the logo they picked, aimed to promote the diverse online resources of the library. On the other hand, to promote the different services of the library, the organizers prepared the game “The Cute InfoHunt”, wherein students were asked to answer a specific question about the library and its services. The participants were encouraged to visit the UL website in order to “hunt” for the correct answers.

Students flocked at the University Library booth to try out the activities prepared for them.

One of the main focuses of the event was to promote the upcoming gamification program of the library, The Great InfoHunt 2023: Padagos. A banner with a cryptic phrase, “Kilala mo ba ako?” accompanied by a QR code, piqued the interest of the students who were queuing up enroute to the orientation venue. Library brochures and event bookmarks were also given away to the students waiting in line as part of the promotion of the library services and activities.

As intended, The Great InfoHunt 2023: Padagos promotional banner caught the attention of students with its cryptic message.

Freshies boast off their prizes at the photobooth.

To cap off, a photo booth was also prepared for the students to commemorate their FOP experience. The UL’s promotional booth at the FOP proved to be a hit among the new Isko and Iska. As the academic year unfolds, the library hopes to see these freshmen becoming regular visitors and active participants in the enriching experiences it offers.