Articles by UP System Authors in Wiley Online Library

Beginning in January 2022, the University of the Philippines’ communities have access to more than 1,300 peer-reviewed high quality Wiley journals, which span across multiple disciplines.

Are you interested in finding out what your peers have been publishing in Wiley journals? Below are snapshots of their work available via remote access, login with your UP Mail account (ending in to view:

  1. Using deep-belief networks to understand propensity for livelihood change in a rural coastal community to further conservation
    Labao, A. B., et al. (2020). Conservation Biology, 34(4), 1008-1016.
  2. Comparative effectiveness of probiotic strains on the prevention of pediatric atopic dermatitis: A systematic review and network meta-analysis
    Tan-Lim, C. S. C., et al. (2021). Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 32(6), 1255-1270.
  3. Geography’s trajectories in Philippine higher education
    Saguin, K. K., et al. (2022). Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 47(1), 23-27.
  4. 118-year climate and extreme weather events of Metropolitan Manila in the Philippines
    Bagtasa, G. (2019). International Journal of Climatology, 20(2), 1228-1240.
  5. Optimization and modeling of carbohydrate production in microalgae for use as feedstock in bioethanol fermentation
    Condor, B. E., et al. (2022). International Journal of Energy Research.
  6. Senna (Cassia) alata (Linn.) Roxb. leaf decoction as a treatment for tinea imbricata in an indigenous tribe in Southern Philippines
    Eusebio-Alpapara, K. M. V., et al. (2020). Mycoses, 63(11), 1226-1234.
  7. Coseismic Ground Rupture of the 15 October 2013 Magnitude (MW) 7.2 Bohol Earthquake, Bohol Island, Central Philippines
    Rimando, J. M., et al. (2019). Tectonics, 38(8), 2558-2580.
  8. Passive elementary student’s constructed epistemic emotions and patterns of participation during small group scientific modeling
    Han, M. and Gutierez, S. B. (2021). Science Education, 105(5), 908-937
  9. Heat and chlorine resistance of a soil Acanthamoeba sp. cysts in water
    Gabriel, A. A. and Panaligan, D. C. (2020). Journal of Applied Microbiology, 129(2), 453-464.
  10. Disrupting Gentrification: From Barricades and Housing Occupations to an Insurgent Urban Subaltern History in a Southern City
    Arcilla, C. A. (2022). Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography.