How to Access Local Digital Resources through UPD Journals Online?



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Mabuhay! Welcome to this video tutorial on how to access Local Digital Resources through UP Diliman Journals Online.

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What is UP Diliman Journals Online?

UPD Journals Online is free online service aims to gather all the UP Diliman journals in a single repository; widen their dissemination and visibility online; and provide journal editors with a convenient means of implementing the editorial process.

This project is managed by the Research Dissemination and Utilization Office of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (RDUO-OVCRD).

Steps on how to access UP Diliman Journals Online
  1. Let’s start by visiting the UP Diliman Main Library homepage at
  2. Once you’re in the landing page, click the ‘Search’ Tab which can be found at the top-right hand corner of your screen. After that, click the ‘Local Databases’ button from the dropdown menu.
  3. You will then be redirected to the list of Local Databases, click UP Diliman Journals Online.
  4. You may also go directly to
  5. Upon accessing the Main Site Home Page you will be provided with a description of the site as a whole, and a list of journals residing on the site. From here you can access a journal’s Homepage and access any available current issues.  
  6. A friendly reminder that the login buttons are for those registered who wish to submit a paper to any journal or will be a member of the editorial team (eg, editor, reviewer, proofreader) of any journal. 
  7. The journal’s contents can be searched by author, title, abstract, and index terms. The full text of the contents can be searched both in HTML and PDF file formats. Alternatively, using the Browse link in the right-hand margin of the page, readers can browse the contents of the journal by issue, author, and title. 
  8. Once the material is displayed, you have the option to Rotate, Download or Print the material. 
  9. For your viewing comfort, you can also adjust to; Fit to Width or Fit to Page, You may also Zoom in or Zoom out.

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