How to Access Newspaper Index?



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Accessing Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) via TUKLAS

To start with, please go to TUKLAS at

Tuklas is used to search holdings for books, digital records, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and more, all in just one interface.

To give you a brief background, before tuklas, we used to refer to the Index to Philippine Newspaper Online to search newspaper indexes. Now, the IPN is  integrated into Tuklas for everyone’s convenience.

To browse our newspaper index, go to BROWSE BY DATABASE then click Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN)

You will be redirected to the Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) database or page.

On the upper part of the page under the search box, you will see an indication that you are on the Philippine Newspapers (IPN) database or page.

Narrow Search Facets for Newspaper Index

On the left side are the facets that can be used to refine the list of the articles index displayed on the screen to narrow down your search

  1. The first one is the database we are in which is IPN.
  2. The second one is the Unit library or where the materials indexed are located. This part also displays the number of indexed articles in a unit library or section.
  3. The third facet is the Year publication. You can type here the range of year of your search or you can just drag this bar then choose the year in question.
  4. The fourth facet is the subject. These are all clickable. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the list of indexes under a specific subject. As you can see, this is arranged according to the number of indexed articles under a subject.
  5. The fifth one is the author. Just like the subject, these are also links to their written articles and are arranged based on the number of their articles indexed at IPN.
  6. The sixth facet is the format. This will show ARTICLE since we are browsing the IPN database. If you see BOOK or ELECTRONIC listed here, you are browsing the whole catalog in Tuklas.
  7. The last facet is the Language used on the indexed articles. If you click English for example, it will show indexed articles in English.
List of articles indexed in IPN

Let us now go to the list of articles indexed in IPN.

This list can be sorted according to Relevance, from Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest, by Author, and by Title.

The list can be emailed, printed, exported, and added to the book bag by number or by page.

IPN Bibliographic Information

Displayed in each index are their bibliographic information, title, author, publisher, year of publication and format.

Once you click on the article index you will be redirected to its page where additional information is displayed. You will see here the title, publisher, detailed date, page number, author, format, and subject/s.

Ways to access Newspaper Index

On the upper part are the facets which can be used to add the index to the bookbag, export record, email and even cite the article indexed. Just remember that the citations may not always be 100% accurate.

On the lower part is the HOLDINGS where you will see the location of the article indexed and where to request them.


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