How to Access Turnitin Feedback Studio?



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What is Turnitin Feedback Studio?

Turnitin was formed in 1988 by four university students. It offers three main software products, and Turnitin Feedback Studio is one of them.  This tool allows instructors to check submissions of students for similarity and grade and give appropriate feedback.

Ways to access Turnitin

There are two ways to access Turnitin Feedback Studio via or a Learning Management System. For our part, staff can access Turnitin via the Turnitin website while faculty members and students may use it via the University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLe),

Access Turnitin via UVLe

There are three user roles in Turnitin Feedback Studio:

  • Administrator
  • Instructor, and
  • Student

Administrators manage the account settings.

Instructors create classes, set assignments, and grade submissions.

Students can submit and view papers, and, if allowed by the instructor, can view feedback and similarity reports for their papers.

Enrollment to Turnitin classes via UVLe

Enrollment to Turnitin classes via UVLe may be done through self-enrollment or enrollment by instructor. For self-enrollment, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the Search Box located at the upper right corner of the page to look for your courses that you need to enroll in
  2. Filters may be applied to your search and choose any tabs of the tabs for the results (All, Course content, Courses, Users)

Upon clicking the desired course/content, you will be asked to enter the Self-Enrolment Key which will come from your professor/instructor.

After successful enrollment, you may now view the course and content details. To upload your work, click the ‘Submit Paper’ button.

How to submit a paper via UVLe?

To submit a paper, assign a Submission Title then drag and drop the file that you want to upload. Tick the required box to proceed with the submission. You may or may not resubmit a paper depending on the restrictions set by your instructor.

Wait for the Similarity Report to generate. You may or may not view the reports, depending on the restrictions set by your instructor. Click the ‘Refresh Submissions’ button if necessary.

When the similarity score appears, you may click it to view and download the full report.

To properly download the Similarity Report together with its Match Overview, make sure that you activate the Similarity Layer before downloading. Click the Current View.

If your instructor has provided feedback on your paper, you will be able to view it once the post date for the assignment has passed. You will be able to see your grade, quick marks, text comments, and details of the rubric if applied.


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